Agility is open to all dogs.  Pure breeds and mixed breeds alike are welcome.  Your dog does not have to be an over active jock, relaxed couch potatoe types can also benefit from the training and exercise.  However, agility is a physically demanding sport and dogs with physical challenges such as arthritis, poor eyesight etc are not good candidates. Dogs do not require obedience but a recall and sit will allow you to work off leash.  

​Anyone with a desire for fun and a willingness to train, using positive training methods.  A handlers mobility challenges are not a concern, it just means you'll have to train your distance work if you are unable to keep up with your canine partner

It is a timed sport where you and your canine partner compete over a series of obstacles, such as weaving through poles, balancing on a teeter, and over jumps.

Who can do agility?

​Flat collars, no choke chains.  6 ft leash, dogs favorite toy, and treats (soft not crumbly treats)

What is agility?  

Is Agility right for my dog?

What equipment is required?

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